Why I support SWT….

Who wouldn’t want to do something to support an organisation that rescues and brings up orphaned elephants? 
The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust  was founded 45 years ago and is the first and most successful elephant orphan rescue and rehabilitation program in the world.  Its ethics, values and mission absolutely encompass  “a multi faceted approach to conservation to ensure a greater and long lasting impact for Wildlife.”

I chose to support SWT in particular because I felt I needed to do something specific to support at least one species on this planet in this time of habitat loss, the great extinction of species and climate change.  I was lucky enough to volunteer on a wild elephant project in Sri Lanka a few years ago and had a close encounter with a bull elephant in musth, the memory of which will stay with me forever ( or at least until Alzheimer’s strikes).  I learnt so much about these wonderful animals - how they communicate, how they look after their young, their matriarchal society, their playfulness and their intelligence.  There as so many ways a baby elephant can be orphaned - through drought, through human elephant conflict, through poaching, through attack from predators…. But there’s one sure outcome - a traumatised animal.  In taking in a baby elephant, the SWT are ensuring a minimum of 10 years care within an adopted herd of elephants with the over arching aim to provide a wild life for that baby when it is grown.  

That takes a lot of money.

 I’m in the happy position of not needing to build my pottery business to support myself so once I’ve covered my costs and can continue to explore and develop my skills, money made from sales is no good just sitting in the bank.  And so it’s going to this fantastic organisation and with your help, there’ll be lots to donate!

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