TIM July 11th


Yesterday was my first ever market as a sole trader and what a day it was!  I’d signed up to take part in the relaunch of the Taunton Independent Market some time ago but due to bad weather and some organisational hitches leading to cancellation and postponement,  yesterday was the first one for me!

And it was FAN-TAS-TIC!  The weather was appalling, it was the Wimbledon final and THAT football match but despite all of this, people came and passed favourable and encouraging remarks about my pottery and I sold quite a lot! To say I’m thrilled is an understatement! Of course it’s thrilling to sell something you’ve made and loved and think is good enough for someone to buy, but by far the best part was meeting strangers who are as keen on clay as I am and despite not needing any, bought my stuff because they couldn’t resist!   Absolutely marvellous! 

Also fantastic was the generosity of Em from Quantock Turning who made bespoke turned tops for several garlic jars and bottles for me from oak, pear and yew.  They looked beautiful in their own right and added to the tactile nature of the pieces, elevating them both physically and aesthetically- a big big thank you to this lovely man.

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