The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

  Earlier this year, I decided that I would donate 50% of my profits to this wonderful organisation.  I felt that I should  literally put my money where my mouth is and do something positive to preserve at least one aspect of life on our beautiful planet.  I chose this particular organisation because of its track record, its gravitas and ethics but mainly because - well! Elephants! I was lucky enough to work on a conservation programme monitoring wild elephants in Sri Lanka a few years ago and was blown away by a close encounter with a bull in musth.  We are slowly learning more and more about these wonderful creatures and must do all we can to ensure their preservation.  The SWT does the work on the ground and 50%of the money you spend on my pots goes directly to them so that they can continue to ensure orphaned elephants can be raised in a loving family and eventually live a wild life.

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