Great Bow Wharf, Langport

I was absolutely thrilled to get a message from the lovely Ella at the Great Bow Wharf asking if I’d like to showcase some of my work at their gallery.

Would I ever??

They wanted ceramics from emerging local artists and after scrolling through Instagram, she’d come across my work and thought it would be perfect for the gallery! 

That’s ME!

To say I’m excited would be putting it mildly! To have some one see your work and praise it and want to show it is such an amazing validation of all you’ve been doing, up to your elbows in mud and wondering if you’ll ever develop the skills that other Instagram ceramasist’s videos seem to show as being sooooo easy!  I still have a long long way to go and so much to learn but this is a real marker on my journey.  So many many thanks to Ella and the Great Bow Wharf.  It’s a great little gallery and has a fantastic cafe right on the river so if you’re in Somerset - pop by!

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